The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 2, Number 3
Aug 1989

Paper Companies Converted to Alkaline

Since last count (published in the April issue), three more companies have converted to alkaline papermaking for all their fine papers: Island Paper, Canadian Pacific Forest Products (both Canadian companies) and Lyons Falls.

Canadian Pacific Forest Products Mohawk
Crane Newton Falls
Ecusta (part of Glatfelter) Potlatch/Northwest
Finch, Pruyn Potsdam (part of Little
Glatfelter Rapids)
Grays Harbor (part of IP/ Simpson-Plainwell
Hammermill) Ward (part of IP)
Island Paper Weston (part of Cram)
Lyons Falls George A. Whiting
Miami (part of Cross Pointe)  


Mostly alkaline: Parsons (part of NVF)
  Warren (part of Scott)


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