Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 1, Number 3
Oct 1994


Cathleen Baker took over the project to write the biography of Dard Hunter from Dr. Patricia Scott, who died in 1989. Hunter's only other biographer, Dard Hunter II, unfortunately died that same year. During 1991-92, when Ms. Baker was on sabbatical leave in Chillicothe, Ohio, she and Dard Hunter III discovered thousands of unknown documents, photographs, etc. in Mountain House. Subsequently, Ms. Baker retired from her position as professor of paper conservation in the Art Conservation Department of Buffalo State College, and moved into Mountain House in October 1993.

She continues to work on the biography and expects that it will be published in 1996-97. She would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have original Hunter correspondence or any information that may be relevant to this project. Please contact her at PO Box 717, Chillicothe, OH 45601-0727, tel. & fax: 614/774-1236. (From International Paper History, with IPH Communications, newsletter of the International Association of Paper Historians, v.4, 1994, no. 4, p. 34.)

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