The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 1, Number 1
Jan 1988

Some Neutral and Alkaline Paper Available in Salt Lake City

by E. McCrady

A slightly different set of papers is available in every city, because not all papers are distributed nationwide. This is an example of a local list of papers useful for printing, photocopying and office or correspondence use (book, copy and bond in the list). The seven distributors, indicated as a, c, d, e, u, w and z, are Avery, Carpenter, Dixon, Empire, Unisource, Western and Zellerbach. They were included if they were able to furnish any of a given company's papers at all; they may not be able to furnish the alkaline brands of companies that have only a few among many acidic brands; the minimum may be high and the wait long.

This list omits papers which must be ordered through the manufacturer's sales offices or the mill; papers available only through bulk orders; private brands, which are sold under the distributor's (or preservation supplier's) name, such as Arvey's house brands; alkaline papers not used principally for books, copying or office work; products of the six or so mills that have not been contacted yet; and papers not distributed in Utah.

CONSOLIDATED. (Book) They make coated offset, of which the following brands are alkaline: Centura, Consolith, Frostbrite, Paloma, Productolith, Reflections. d, u, z.

CRANE. (Bond) All four of their papers are neutral: their Bond, Crest, Distaff Linen, and Parchment Card Stock. c, z.

ECUSTA. (Book) Recently purchased by Glatfelter, but paper may still be sold under the old name. All are alkaline and well buffered: Ecusta Bible, Nyalite, Waylite. This newsletter is printed on Waylite, which is 20%. calcium carbonate by weight. u, z.

FLETCHER. (Book) Only their Founders Opaque, an offset paper, is alkaline. c, d, w.

FRENCH. (Book) They have four neutral nonbuffered papers: Creme Blanc, Once Again, Parchtone and Speckletone. z.

GILBERT. (Copy) They have two neutral papers, brought out for laser printers but also appropriate for copy machines: Gilbert Neu-Tech and Lancaster Neu-Tech. c, u.

GLATFELTER. (Book, Bond) They have been 100% alkaline for years and have 30 lines of papers, almost all book papers (e.g. Conserv/Opaque, Glatcotext, Old Forge). They recently bought Ecusta, which makes then a three-mill company. u, z.

GRAYS HARBOR. (Book, Bond, Copy) This is a 100% alkaline mill, owned by Hammermill, under whose name their paper is sold in Alberta, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana and points west. If you buy Hammermill papers in the east, the wrapping on the package will be the same, but the paper will be acidic because it will have been made by one of Hammermill's eastern mills. (Grays Harbor is in Washington state.) They make South Shore Offset (but not in Rollicopy); the rest all have names starting with Hammermill: Bond, Fore Bond, Ledger, Fore Ledger, Offset Opaque, Hy-O-Lite (an offset), Fore 9000 DP (dual purpose, for copying and offset), Tidal MX (ditto), Xero/Lasercopy (w), Fore Xerocopy, and Copier Paper Type SV4 - u/w) - White (for the Savin machine). w. z.

HOWARD. (Book, Bond) Permalife is their only alkaline brand. c, d.

INTERNATIONAL. (Copy) Their only alkaline papers are IPOD High-Speed Copy Paper, Springhill High-Speed Copy Paper and Springhill Vellum Bristol Cover (which is stocked by Kinko's, of all places). u, w, z.

JAMES RIVER-CURTIS (sometimes called "Curtis"). (Book, Bond) Their Curtis Brightwater line is alkaline. d, w, z.

MONADNOCK (Book) This company's only alkaline paper is Dulcet text and cover, which are advertised as over pH 7 and buffered. u.

NYKOOSA. (Bond, Copy) Their 25% Nekoosa Xerocopy and 25% Nekoosa Cotton Bond, to be introduced January 1988, meet the ANSI standard for permanence. Their other papers are acidic. U.

POTLATCH CORP., NOR DIVISION. (Book, Bond, Copy) Their text and cover brands are: Bookbinders', Eloquence, Karma, Makers', Mountie, Northwest, Quentessence, and Vintage. All are coated, with an alkaline base and neutral coating. Their copy and bond papers will not be produced after April 1, 1988. c, u, z.

WARD. (Book, Bond, Copy) A 100%. alkaline company, with seven lines of papers, including some good bright colors: Book Publisher's Offset, Brite-Hue, Forward, Lake Shore, R-V Environmental, Reward and Soft-Hue. Their colored offset papers are distributed through Arvey's (a sister company), and they make Arvey Bond, Duplicator and Mimeo, which sell for around $3.00/ream. a, e, u.

WARREN. (Book) All Warren papers are alkaline: Cameo, Flokote, Freedom, Lusterkote, Lustro, No. 66 Antique, Olde Style, Palina, Somerset, Warren 1854, and Warrenflo. Their 40 lb. Somerset Matte is the lightest weight alkaline coated paper in the U.S. d, z.

WEYERHAEUSER. (Book) They specialize in commodity offset papers, and have three alkaline papers suitable for books: Cougar, Lynx and Husky; but only the Cougar is available for the wall buyer. d, u.

WHITING. (Book, Bond) A 100% alkaline company. Their papers are: Brockway, Cadence, Coat-of-Arms (a cover paper), Crestline, Polar White Bristol, Spunfelt and Ultima. d, e.

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