The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 06, Number 1
Jun 1993


Champion Funds Purchase of Decorated Paper Collection

The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, recently acquired the Laura and Valerian Lada-Mocarski collection of historical decorated papers. The Library is planning to research the collection, catalog it, and eventually exhibit it. Funds for the purchase were donated by Champion International. (From the April Guild of Book Workers Newsletter)

Straw into Gold: Old Boxes and Newspapers into Fine Papers

Paper Business News

Standard Matters

Acid-free Matboard Sighted in Kmart

Acid-free materials are starting to be marketed to the general public. A few months a , a group of picture frames were being offered for sale in an Austin Kmart store, with their mats conspicuously labeled "acid-free." They may or may not have been acid-free, but the important thing is that they were being promoted as such. (From the Abbey Newsletter.)

Two Pulp Mills Switch from Bagasse to Waste Paper

FAPPI, the newsletter of the ASEAN Pulp and Paper Industries, reports the news from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. FAPPI is also the name of the organization, the Federation of Asean Pulp and Paper Industries, which met in the Philippines in November. The newsletter had thumbnail sketches of two Philippine mills, UPPC and BPPMI, both of which have been using bagasse (the crushed stalks of the sugar cane plant after the juice has been extracted). The first makes sacks and board, and the second makes medium quality printing and writing paper.

Now both of them are switching from bagasse to waste paper. To quote the newsletter, "Initially, [UPPC] used unbleached kraft pulp and bagasse pulp as raw materials. Later on bagasse pulp consumption was replaced because of the environmental problem and its higher cost as compared with recycled pulp.... From the beginning, [BPPMI] produced paper from wood and bamboo pulp and then later shifted to bagasse pulp. However, bagasse pulp was not suitable for the existing Paper machine so it finally switched to wastepaper usage.,, (ASEAN is a Southeast Asian organization.)

Recycled Paper News has a New Address

RPN has moved to 6732 Huntsman Blvd., Springfield, VA 22152. Its new telephone and fax numbers are 703/569-8670 and 703/569-5086, respectively.

MTI's Specialty Minerals is Busy with New PCC Projects

Specialty Minerals Inc. is the successor to the precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) business formerly conducted by Pfizer Specialty Minerals Inc. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI). Over the last four months it has announced several new projects, both domestic and foreign, for the construction of leased onsite PCC plants at paper mills. The mills will then convert to the alkaline process, if they are not already running alkaline, so that they can use the PCC as filler or (less often) coating. In recent years European mills have been showing an interest in this source of filler, even though natural carbonate filler is plentiful in Europe and widely used there. SMI currently has 30 satellite plants operating in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and France.

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