The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 05, Number 5
Nov 1992

"Long Life" Papers in the UK

In the February issue of a British magazine called Paper Focus, there are two and a half pages of detailed tables listing "Long Life Papers," "Acid Free Papers" and "Archival Papers." Most of the papers are made by UK mills, but a few are American. The headings for the tables give the brand name, brand owner, suitability (main uses), grammages, sizes and colors. Under "Suitability" are listed photocopying, watercolor, printing, business stationery, certificates, offset/laser, business forms, book papers, even envelope papers and board. The photocopy papers are made by Atlantis, UK Paper-New Thames, Thomas Tait, East Lancs, and Finnpap (Lamco).

The long life papers are those that meet the ANSI standard, and will probably meet the ISO standard when it appears. The acid free papers are those with a pH above 7.0. The archival papers meet standards for long life papers, but in addition have greater fiber purity, i.e., alpha cellulose.

Paper Focus is distributed free to personnel in the UK who are consumers of paper and board and responsible for its selection and purchase. It is also available for £65 a year for 12 issues; overseas £105. Its address is: Paper Publications Ltd., 14 High St., Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 8BH (tel. 0923 261555, fax 0923 261118).

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