Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 6, Number 4
Oct 1993


Infinity Sign will Also be Used for ISO Standard

Since the international and the U.S. Standards for permanent paper are so similar, ISO has been permitted to use, as part of the ISO standard, NISO's symbol for papers that comply with the requirements. It will look like this:

ISO 9706

It is all right to start using the ISO standard right now, even before it is published, according to a press release from Ivar Hoel, Secretary of ISO/TC 46/SC 10, the committee that formulated the standard, because the specifications will be the same as in the draft circulated in September 1992. That draft was summarized in our last issue, and a copy may be had on request from the Abbey Publications office.

Industrial Paper Chemists will Address Paper Conservators

ARSAG, a French association for scientific research in graphic arts, will hold its second international symposium May 16-20, 1994, in Paris. Simultaneous translation English/French will be provided. The symposium, entitled "Environment and Conservation of Graphic, Photographic and Audiovisual Documents," will consider the effects of pollution and biodeterioration, as well as the conservation of modern materials: paper, optical and magnetic records, and photographic materials.

Seven papers will be presented by chemists more closely allied with the paper industry than with paper conservation:

T. Iversen (STFI, Sweden): Aging of bleached kraft pulp

D. Priest (UMIST, Dept. of Paper Science, Manchester, England): Present state of recycling technology in papermaking

R. Howard (Paprican, Canada): (Title to be confirmed)

F. Abadie-Maumert (FORINDECO, Oslo, Norway): Stabilité au vieillissement artificiel des papiers contenant des pâtes à haut rendement

D. Priest (UMIST, Dept. of Paper Science, Manchester, England): The aging of paper containing chemithermomechanical pulp

X. Zou (Paprican, Canada): The role of lignin in the mechanical permanence of paper

B. de Montgolfier (Papeteries Canson, Annonay, France): (title not yet defined)

The registration fee until February 15 is 1,200 FF. For information write ARSAG, 36, rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris, France.

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