The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 2, Number 3
Aug 1989

Editor's Page

Who the Subscribers Are

Librarians & archivists, their institutions & advisors 39%
Paper manufacturers, Merchants & retailers 18%
Conservators and the libraries, institutions & labs that serve them 7%
Chemists, scientists & paper departments in universities & research institutes 5%
Publishers & book designers 5%
Paper industry suppliers & publishers (non-exchange) 5%
Bookbinders 4%
Exchange publications 3%
Undetermined & miscellaneous 13%

A Thank-You to Supporters

The Alkaline Paper Advocate is one of two newsletters issued by Abbey Publications, Inc. (a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation) to promote and encourage the preservation of books and documents. The Abbey Newsletter covers preservation and treatment of existing materials; the Alkaline Paper Advocate promotes the production and use of alkaline paper, which can be considered preservation of the materials of the future, since alkaline paper generally can be expected to last several times as long as acidic paper made with size and alum.

Subscribers provide nearly all the income of Abbey Publications, but since the field is wall and the cost of gathering information is rather high, subscription fees do not cover all costs. The deficit is made up from Voluntary contributions.

In 1988 a total of 7.5% of income, or $3962, was received in contributions. This year, $1322 has been received, which the Editor and Trustees acknowledge with gratitude:

Corporate Patron ($250 and over)

Bridgeport National Bindery

Patrons ($100 and over)

Joan T. Batchelor
Bookbinder's Warehouse
Colophon Bindery
Conservation Materials Ltd.
Don Etherington
University Products

Sustaining Subscribers ($60 and over)

M. Susan Barger
Julia V. Miller
Northeast Document Conservation Center
Jeffrey M. Rigby
Hilda A. Robbins
Wei T'o Associates

The Alkaline Paper Advocate is issued six times a year (1988 had only five issues) And has about 330 subscribers. Subscriptions (which include a free pH pen) are on a calendar year basis: All start with the first issue of the year, unless requested otherwise, and " on Dec.. 31. An index for the year is sent out in the first quarter. Individual subscriptions, and uncomplicated subscriptions from institutions, are $25; others are $40. The following special subscription categories have been established:

Sustaining Subscriber $60
Patron 100
Corporate Patron 250

Checks should be made out to Abbey Publications, 320 E. Center St., Provo, UT 84606 (801/373-1598).

Overseas subscribers may pay either in dollars or in British pounds. Checks in dollars must bear the name of a U.S. bark. Postal money orders are usually much cheaper than bank drafts.

No paid advertisements are accepted, but anything with news value will be printed if there is room for it. News items and information may be sent by mail or called in at any time. Readers are encouraged to copy or circulate issues and parts of issues, and to reprint unsigned articles and news item; but the Editor's permission must be obtained before reprinting signed articles.

Indexed in the IPC Abstract Bulletin.

Copyright 1989 Abbey Publications, Inc.  
Tax #: 87-0436104 ISSN: 0897-2524 Editor: Ellen McCrady
Publisher: Abbey Publications, Inc. Circ: Sherilyn Riboldi


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