The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 1, Number 4
Oct 1988

Neutral & Alkaline Copy Papers

Manufacturer & Brand Names Comments
Finch Pruyn Not available in the West. "SV" means for Savin copiers
Finch Opaque SV Copy
Finch Opaque Xerographic
Fox River
Technaclear (neutral pH) * 25% cotton.
Gilbert Neu-Tech (neutral pH)* 25% cotton.
Lancaster Neu-Tech (neutral pH)* 100%. cotton
Grays Harbor All brands but Tidal MX are acid in the East, .alkaline in the Mountain West & West Coast. Tidal MX is consistently alkaline.
Hammermill Fore Xerocopy
Hammermill Xero/Lasercopy (w)*
Hammermill Copier Paper, type SV 4 (u/w)
Hammermill White Tidal MX - White
NP Finish  
Neenah Copier 25% cotton.
Reward Xerographic  
Linen Record Xerographic 100%. cotton.

* For laser printers, but work well in photocopiers too.

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