Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 8, Number 4
Dec 1995

Some Permanent Papers for Dissertations

The papers listed below are taken from the booklet North American Permanent Papers, 1995 edition. They are only a selection, because so many papers now meet the requirements of ANSI Z39.48-1992, Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives.

"Private brands" are not listed. These are papers sold under the name given them by the packager or retailer, not the manufacturer. They are omitted because it is almost impossible get reliable test data on them.

Dissertation offices in universities are more often requiring that the original be on permanent paper, and they like for the candidate to use a watermarked permanent paper, so that they can look at the dissertation and tell whether their instructions have been followed. Some of the papers in this list are watermarked, but since this was not in the NAPP survey questionnaire, the booklet does not identify them. A list of watermarked (but not necessarily permanent) papers is in the Competitive Grade Finder. They can be cross-checked with this list to find permanent papers that are watermarked.

(Since this list appeared in the December Abbey Newsletter, it has been learned that Hammermill Bond/Writing paper, which is watermarked, meets the requirements of the ANSI/ NISO standard. The pH ranges from 8.6 to 8.9; tear resistance specs are met; alkaline reserve is over 10%; and all samples tested had a kappa number less than 1, well below the limit of 7. This paper is made at both the Erie and Lock Haven mills. Test data for 20 and 24 lb. samples from both mills was forwarded to the Abbey Publications office. -Ed.)

At any rate, here are the papers, under the categories to which the mill assigned them. The categories overlap, because some types are based on composition, others on use or primary market. Many different types of paper can be used for photocopying, e.g. offset, bond, rag paper, xerographic, laser print and reprographic; but, especially for high-speed work, some types and some individual papers give better results. Laser printers do a better job with papers made for the purpose.



Bond, Writing

Cascade Bond Boise Cascade
Cascade OM Bond Boise Cascade
Benefit Champion
Cross Pointe Bond Cross Pointe
Worx-Multipurpose 20/20 Cross Pointe
Curtis Brightwater Crown Vantage
Permalife Bond Howard Paper
Hammermill Bond/Writing Hammermill
Resolve Bond Island Paper
Caress Monadnock
Dulcet Monadnock
Neenah Bond Recycled - Imaging Neenah
Neenah Bond Recycled Neenah
Parsons Bond Parsons Paper
Parsons L'envoi Parsons Paper
Captain Bond Riverside Paper
Ecology Bond Riverside Paper
Strathmore Bond Strathmore
Clear Spring Westvaco
American Eagle Westvaco

Rag Paper

Evolution 100 Writing Rolland
Evolution 50 Writing Rolland
Protocol 100 Simpson
Exact 25% Cotton Wausau


Eureka! 100 James River
Word Pro James River
Xerobond James River
Neenah Bond Imaging Neenah
Classic Linen Recycled Neenah
Neenah Bond Recycled Neenah
Classic Columns Writing Neenah
Classic Crest Writing Neenah Recycled
Ecology Writing Riverside
Carolina Xerocopy Weyerhaeuser
Cougar Opaque--Laser Guaran. Weyerhaeuser
First Choice Weyerhaeuser


Copy Solution Avenor
Aspen Xerographic Boise Cascade
Cascade OD Xerographic Boise Cascade
Cascade X-9000 Boise Cascade
Cascade Xerographic Boise Cascade
100% Xerographic ByronWeston
Hammermill Fore DP Hammermill
Savings DP Hammermill
Springhill Business paper International Pap.
Springhill Relay PLUS International Pap.
Springhill Xerographic Opaque International Pap.
Resolve Copy Island
Resolve Natural Island
Neenah Copier Neenah
Neenah Laser Recycled Neenah
Repro Plus Rolland
Rockland Multipurpose Rolland
Penn Copy Willamette

Laser Print

Laser Solution Avenor
Cascade 25% Cotton Laser Boise Cascade
Cascade Laser Opaque Boise Cascade
Cascade Laser Paper Boise Cascade
Champion Laser Extra Champion
Neenah Laser Recycled Neenah
Classic Laid Laser Opaque Union Camp
Union Camp Top Gun Union Camp

Office Bond

Neenah Bond Imaging Neenah
Neenah Bond Recycled Neenah
Neenah Laser Recycled Neenah
Classic Crest Writing Neenah Recycled

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