The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 2, Number 1
Apr 1989

ASTM Seeks Artists, Comments

Participants from the artist community are needed by D06.20 on Permanent Records Papers, a subcommittee of ASTM Committee D-6 on Paper and Paper Products.

The subcommittee needs as many comments as possible from this specific group m the proposed Standard Specification For Performance of Artist Papers. Some areas covered by this proposed specification include: artist papers falling into the general classifications of drawing, sketch, layout, tracing, marker, watercolor, calligraphy, pastel, charcoal, bristol, and ledger; three pH levels, reflecting three levels of permanence; and an accelerated aging test used to evaluate the stability of coated papers.

The purpose of this proposed standard is to address the market confusion created by certain terms such as acid free paper, NPH, neutral pH, alkaline paper, rosin-alum sized paper and others. It may involve hazardous materials, operations, and equipment.

The next meetings of the subcommittee will take place on May 24-25, 1989, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and on January 22-25, 1990, in Nashville, Tennessee, during the standards development meetings of Committee D-6. For more information contact Dennis Jacobson, Hammermill Papers, PO Box 10050, Erie, PA 16533, 814/456-8811; or Jayme Hyde, ASTM , 1916 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19103-1187 (215/299-5518).

Committee D-6 is one of 134 ASTM technical standards-writing committees. Organized in 1898, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is me of the largest voluntary standards development systems in the world.

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