The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 10, Number 1
Apr 1996

Editor's Page

A Thank-You to Supporters

The editor and trustees of Abbey Publications, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, appreciate the support received from the people and organizations listed below, as well as from those who gave smaller amounts.

We consider all donations to be intended for Abbey Publications (thus contributing to the Abbey Newsletter, the Alkaline Paper Advocate and other publications and products of this office). In the last 12 months, donations from readers have totaled $5684.

Donors of the last twelve months are listed below as Benefactors ($1000+), Sponsors ($500+), Patrons ($100+), and Contributors ($25+).


Bridgeport National Bindery
Terry O. Norris


Acme Bookbinding
Elizabeth S. Banks
Bark Frameworks
Joan T. Batchelor
Brown's River Records Preservation Service
Sally Buchanan
Campbell-Logan Bindery
Margaret Child
Custom Manufacturing, Inc.
Robert Frase
Edwin P. Garretson, Sr.*
Kater-Crafts Bookbinders
Metal Edge West
National Institute for Conservation
New York Community Trust - James Talcott Fund
Ocker & Trapp Library Bindery
Mark Reeves
Restoration Source
Nancy Russell
Elaine R. Schlefer
Nancy Carlson Schrock
Marshall Swartzburg
Susan Swartzburg*


Tim Barrett
Bookbinders Warehouse
Jane Dalrymple-Hollo
Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Robert L. Feller
Frames of Mind
Evelyn Frangakis
Carolyn Jane Gammon
Mary Todd Glaser
Maria Grandinette
Harlan M. Greene
Patricia B. Grey
Ingrid Rose Co. Ltd.
Fred Jordan
Hilary A. Kaplan
Gerald Lundeen
Jan Merrill-Oldham, in memory of Carolyn Harris
William Minter
Tawny Ryan Nelb
Sandra Nyberg
Brian E. O'Connell
Paper Star Associates
Bonnie Parr
Eleanor Quandt
Jeff Rigby
Ruth-Ann Rohman
Isamu Sakamoto
Eric C. Shoaf
Martha M. Smith
James G. Stephens
Mary Ann Tyrrell
Univ. Iowa Center for the Book, Paper Facility
Duane Watson
and one anonymous contributor


Correction for List of Fine Paper Mills in the US

In the last issue of this newsletter, there was a list of "Fine Paper Mills in the U.S." Most of the mills had given us a figure for the percent of their capacity that was alkaline, but some left that space blank. One of those blank spaces was in the entry for Fox River, Housatonic mill (the Rising Division). Around the first of March, they sent in their figures: 40% alkaline capacity and 40% alkaline freesheet.

White pH Pens Offered to Groups at a Special Price

Smaller white Abbey pH Pens® are available from the Abbey office for $2.80 each in quantities up to 100 (half-price) and $2.50 for amounts over that, for associations and professional organizations to resell or distribute to their members, and for people who speak to groups about archival supplies and related matters. Contact the office by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail to place your order.

The printing on the barrel is shorter because the space is smaller. It reads, "Abbey pH Pen® (purple=alkaline). Abbey Publications 512/929-3992." We can arrange for the organization's logo and other information to be added in the remaining space on the pen, for a small charge. Ask Bette at the office for details.

The Alkaline Paper Advocate is issued quarterly, and has about 300 subscribers. (Before 1995, it was issued six times a year.) Subscriptions (which include a free pH pen and a list of Useful Addresses) are on a calendar year basis: All start with the first issue of the year, unless otherwise requested, and end on Dec. 31, or after the last issue of the year has appeared. An index for the previous year is sent out in the first quarter. Individual subscriptions are $35; full-time students $20; institutions $45. All issues are in print and indexed. Checks should be made out to Abbey Publications, 7105 Geneva Dr., Austin, TX 78723. Visa or MasterCard payments are convenient for payments from abroad, but for domestic payments we prefer checks drawn on a U.S. bank. We can send an invoice on request.

Abbey Publications is a nonprofit corporation set up to encourage preservation of written records, including the use of lasting materials in their creation. No paid advertisements are accepted, but anything with news value will be printed if there is room for it. News items and information may be sent or called in at any time. Readers are encouraged to copy or circulate issues and parts of issues, and to reprint unsigned articles and news items; but the Editor's permission must be obtained for making more than 20 copies of lengthy or signed articles. This allows us to consult with the author (who may hold copyright), make any necessary corrections or updates before duplication, and confirm that the copies are being made for purposes not inconsistent with the nonprofit mission of Abbey Publications.

Authors who submit their material on disk should put it in MS Word if they can, because all our computers are Macs. Their work, if accepted, will be published both in the Alkaline Paper Advocate print version and in CoOL (Conservation On Line), to archive it and make it retrievable electronically. Authors retain copyright after publication.

Indexed in Engineering Information's Table of Contents and selectively in the Abstract Bulletin of the IPST, Paperbase Abstracts (PIRA International), and Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts.

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