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6 month internship
Pilette, Roberta, (12-28-1990)

AIC pre-conference
Pilette, Roberta, (03-30-1990)

AIC update session
Fredericks, Maria, (09-11-1990)

McCrady, Ellen, (05-25-1990)

Adhesives for book artists
Tetenbaum, Barb, (11-30-1990)

Henry, Walter, (07-04-1990)
Henry, Walter, (08-17-1990)
Henry, Walter, (09-22-1990)

Alkaline reserve
Kellar, Scott K., (07-12-1990)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-06-1990)
Rutiser, Claire, (08-06-1990)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-10-1990)
McCrady, Ellen, (08-12-1990)
McCrady, Ellen, (08-12-1990)

Asbestos contaminated book collection
Rutherford, Lorraine, (08-08-1990)

Asbestos removal and mold
Quigg, Agnes, (10-29-1990)

Asbestos removal in archives
DeBolt, Dean, (10-23-1990)

Avery labels for book marking
Jones, Lynn, (08-13-1990)

BIC pens
Chalmers, John, (08-24-1990)

Back gauges for Vagelli board shears
Espinosa, Robert, (11-13-1990)

Barcham Green paper
Pavelka, Karen, (09-17-1990)

Barcode standards
Kesse, Erich, (11-27-1990)

Brown, Charlotte, (05-13-1990)
Kesse, Erich, (06-14-1990)
Henry, Walter, (06-14-1990)
Kelsey, Don, (06-14-1990)
Rutherford, Lorraine, (06-14-1990)
Henry, Walter, (12-24-1990)

Barcodes Rebinding paperbacks
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (11-21-1990)

Kesse, Erich, (06-19-1990)
Hanson, Mary, (11-01-1990)
Gertz, Janet, (11-09-1990)
DeBolt, Dean, (11-12-1990)
Kesse, Erich, (11-15-1990)

Bark paper
Kaplan, Hilary A., (12-12-1990)
Clement, Daniel, (12-17-1990)

Bibliographic database manager
Henry, Walter, (05-23-1990)

Binding terminology
Fredericks, Maria, (07-18-1990)
Farren, Donald, (08-01-1990)

Pavelka, Karen, (11-07-1990)
McCrady, Ellen, (11-29-1990)
Henry, Walter, (12-19-1990)

Blood: Excerpts from Heller
Henry, Walter, (12-29-1990)

Blood: Selected Readings
Henry, Walter, (12-29-1990)

Boggle International Library Travel Awards
White, Susan B., (11-08-1990)

Book conference
Tetenbaum, Barb, (11-07-1990)

Bookbinding adhesives
Henry, Walter, (07-07-1990)

Buy or bind
Henry, Walter, (05-12-1990)
Henry, Walter, (05-12-1990)
Rutherford, Lorraine, (06-13-1990)
Roggia, Sally, (06-13-1990)
Kesse, Erich, (06-14-1990)
Harris, Carolyn, (06-19-1990)
Harsin, Ella, (06-20-1990)

Columbia events
Belanger, Terry, (06-27-1990)

Commercial binding problem
Paris, Jan, (10-06-1990)
Brown, Charlotte, (10-09-1990)
Palmer, Patricia, (10-09-1990)

Byrnes, Margaret, (05-23-1990)
Henry, Walter, (05-23-1990)

Copying methods for tightly bound books
Stewart, Eleanore, (12-12-1990)

Deferral of monograph binding
Williams, Sara R., (10-29-1990)

Henry, Walter, (05-24-1990)

Disaster Relief Committee Library binder
Brown, Charlotte, (12-07-1990)

Disaster workshops
Sagraves, Barbara, (10-05-1990)
Hanson, Mary, (10-09-1990)
Kesse, Erich, (10-09-1990)
Palmer, Patricia, (10-09-1990)

Disks with books
Henry, Walter, (02-16-1990)

Electronic detection systems
Harris, Carolyn, (02-12-1990)

McCrady, Ellen, (12-11-1990)

Fire protection
Byrnes, Margaret, (06-06-1990)

Free samples
Roessler, Ralph, (06-08-1990)

Fume hoods
Stefano, Paula De, (11-28-1990)

Funding of preservation
Kesse, Erich, (10-23-1990)

Glue sticks
McCrady, Ellen, (05-18-1990)

Harris, Carolyn, (06-19-1990)
Kesse, Erich, (06-19-1990)
Roggia, Sally, (07-02-1990)
Henry, Walter, (09-30-1990)

Haz-Mat BBS
Henry, Walter, (09-13-1990)

How to cut paper
Henry, Walter, (12-15-1990)

Banks, Paul N., (04-10-1990)

IIC-CG/GC Calendar Call
Henry, Walter, (02-07-1990)

Gourly, Paula, (09-06-1990)

Japanese Society of Pictorial Science
Henry, Walter, (05-23-1990)

LBI standards
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (10-22-1990)

Leather consolidation
Pilette, Roberta, (02-15-1990)

Library binding
DeBolt, Dean, (12-27-1990)

Library binding discussion group
Jones, Lynn, (12-20-1990)

Library binding problem
Olley, Lorraine, (10-09-1990)
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (10-22-1990)

Linen thread
Jones, Lynn, (07-06-1990)

Mass deacidification
Frieder, Richard, (05-15-1990)

Mass deacidification testing protocols
Henry, Walter, (04-28-1990)

Microfilm reader/printers
Sinclair, Regina, (08-10-1990)

Microform cradles
McKern, Debra, (11-29-1990)

Microscale chemistry
Henry, Walter, (05-23-1990)

Mid-Atlantic Archivists Conference
Brown, Charlotte, (05-23-1990)

Molecular mass calculator
Henry, Walter, (03-31-1990)

More on Columbia
Harris, Carolyn, (06-19-1990)

Moving a map collection
Henry, Walter, (07-06-1990)

Network book
Mccallum, Brenda, (10-19-1990)

New files in FileList
Henry, Walter, (12-29-1990)

New list
Henry, Walter, (01-15-1990)
Olley, Lorraine, (04-26-1990)
Brown, Charlotte, (08-02-1990)

Roessler, Ralph, (07-31-1990)
Kesse, Erich, (07-31-1990)
Henry, Walter, (07-30-1990)
Nishimura, Doug, (08-10-1990)
McCrady, Ellen, (08-12-1990)
Henry, Walter, (07-27-1990)
Pavelka, Karen, (07-30-1990)
Pavelka, Karen, (07-30-1990)
Pavelka, Karen, (07-31-1990)

Nitrate film
Pavelka, Karen, (07-25-1990)
Pavelka, Karen, (08-15-1990)

Swartzell, Ann, (09-05-1990)

Obsolete barcodes
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (11-19-1990)

Henry, Walter, (09-20-1990)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-20-1990)
Roessler, Ralph, (09-28-1990)

PVA Buffers
Nishimura, Doug, (09-20-1990)

Pell/Williams resolution CCI research
McCrady, Ellen, (10-15-1990)

Permanent inks
McCrady, Ellen, (04-13-1990)

Frieder, Richard, (12-27-1990)

Brueck, Lora T., (10-12-1990)
Frieder, Richard, (10-17-1990)
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (10-22-1990)

Photocopying (corrigendum)
Frieder, Richard, (10-17-1990)

Photocopying guidelines
Brueck, Lora T., (12-27-1990)

Photocopying photographs
Brown, Barbara, (09-19-1990)
McCrady, Ellen, (09-22-1990)

Henry, Walter, (07-16-1990)

Plastics for exhibits
Pilette, Roberta, (02-15-1990)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (10-01-1990)

Position at PRCC
Roggia, Sally, (09-28-1990)

Position at UC Davis
Payne, Charlotte, (10-01-1990)

Preservation awareness questionnaires
Rutherford, Lorraine, (11-14-1990)

Preservation inventory software Woodblocks
Watson, Duane, (10-28-1990)

Printing inks
McCrady, Ellen, (11-22-1990)

Project Gutenberg
Henry, Walter, (05-23-1990)

Project Jukebox
Roggia, Sally, (02-06-1990)

Quality control of commercial binding
Sagraves, Barbara, (12-18-1990)

Rare Book School 1991
Belanger, Terry, (08-17-1990)

Rare book bulletin board
Belanger, Terry, (06-27-1990)

Recycled paper
McCrady, Ellen, (06-30-1990)

Resizing project
Barger, M. Susan, (06-21-1990)

Roommate for APPA Conference in Washington
Schoonmaker, Dina, (12-10-1990)

Roommate wanted for Budapest conference
McCrady, Ellen, (04-13-1990)

Rubber cement
Lippman, Larry, (04-11-1990)

Saddle stapler
Paris, Jan, (12-04-1990)

Safety News
Henry, Walter, (11-28-1990)

Screening applicants for conservation assistant positions
Rutherford, Lorraine, (09-26-1990)

Security devices for non-book media
Gertz, Janet, (12-13-1990)

Security tapes
Kesse, Erich, (12-19-1990)

Sick building syndrome
Rutherford, Lorraine, (06-28-1990)

Slightly Foxed
Henry, Walter, (08-13-1990)

Soft vs hard cover acquisitions
Kellar, Scott K., (06-25-1990)

Source of 30 pt. caliper library board
Riemer, Janet, (09-13-1990)

Brown, Charlotte, (11-15-1990)

Pilette, Roberta, (02-22-1990)

Studio lighting
Henry, Walter, (12-29-1990)

Suggestions for name for newsletter
DeBolt, Dean, (12-18-1990)

Tattle-Tape for CDs
Grandinette, Maria, (01-17-1990)

To disbind or not disbind
Smyth, Elaine, (12-19-1990)
Henry, Walter, (12-19-1990)
Smyth, Elaine, (12-19-1990)

Tobacco smoke
Palmer, Patricia, (10-10-1990)
Elkington, Nancy, (10-12-1990)

Unbindable paperback books
Williams, Sara R., (10-29-1990)

Update on Columbia
Brown, Charlotte, (06-06-1990)

Weights for binding and repair
Jones, Lynn, (10-31-1990)

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