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Subject: Administrivia


From: Walter Henry <whenry>
Date: Wednesday, July 4, 1990
There are a few changes to the DistList and I hope they will make things
pleasanter for our newly expanded group.

    I.      Those of you who receive the DistList by ordinary means
    (Internet or Bitnet mail) will no longer be burdened with a huge
    (and growing) list of recipients at the start of each mailing.
    Instead you will be treated as Blind Carbon Copy Recipients.  I will
    continue to look for a classier way of handling this, but for now,
    this should do.  You all should have received a test mailing asking
    for comments and the votes are in: of the 57% of the list that

        65% Approve
         6% Disapprove
        29% Do not object

     NB: I would still appreciate it if those who have not responded
     would do so, so that I can be certain the mailings are getting to

     Each of the people that voted no (and several people that voted
     yes) said they appreciated having the entire list, either as a
     quick reference or just to know who was at the table.  Therefore,
     unless people object, I will send out a list of participants from
     time to time (maybe once per quarter).  I have also added a field
     to the ConsDir indicating DistList inclusion.

     Remember, you can get a complete, up to the minute copy of the
     ConsDir at any time, by sending a message to me.

    II.     Those of you who require Special Handling (this is mainly
    people with shared RLIN accounts, for whom a cataloguer or secretary
    handles mail), will no longer get ATTN: So-and-so in the subject
    line, but will instead get

        "So-and-so" <>

    in the To: field where it belongs.  If this causes problems, please
    let me know.

    III.    The routine administrivia section has been moved to the end
    of the DistList, so you wont have to skip past it every time (and in
    hope that you will actually read the Serious Administrivia such as

If you have any suggestions for further improvements, let me know.

                   Conservation DistList Instance 4:6
                  Distributed: Wednesday, July 4, 1990
                        Message Id: cdl-4-6-003
Received on Wednesday, 4 July, 1990

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