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Subject: Tattle-Tape for CDs

Tattle-Tape for CDs

From: Maria Grandinette <maria.grandinette>
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 1990
Does anyone have any comments about this query?

    **** Moderator's comments:   This query has a complicated
    geneology which I will simplify for the sake of, well,
    1. H. Stephen Wright (Northern Illinois University
    <C60HSW1@NIU@umichum.bitnet> posted the original query to MLA-L.
    2. Peggy Daub <USERGBN3@UMICHUM> forwarded it to Carla Montori
    (Carla_J._Montori [at] um__cc__umich__edu), who sent it to Maria, who
    has posted it to the distlist.  All this happened on or about
    the 16th of January.  Now you don't have to read all the nested
    mail headers.

    Carla's Message:
    Attached, please find a message that was forwarded to me by
    Peggy Daub. Does anyone know anything about this product?  I
    have not heard of it, but it doesn't sound too safe/usable to
    me.  Not a whole lot of room for error on the part of the
    processing staff, making it physically difficult to use.  As for
    any chemical reactions...

    Comments, help, etc. appreciated.

    Carla Montori.

    Original Message:
    Hi, everybody.

    I just learned that the 3M corporation, which makes the
    Tattle-Tape security system, is marketing a method for tagging
    compact discs.
    The method consists of a small strip of Tattle-Tape (3 1/2" long
    and 1/8" wide) and a circular transparent plastic overlay that
    is exactly the same size as a compact disc. You first stick the
    tape on the label side of the CD, wherever it will cover the
    least printed information.  Then you peel the overlay away from
    its backing and *very carefully* align it over the label side of
    the disc, then press it down firmly.  The instructions say, "Do
    not try to detach a mounted overlay from a Compact Disc, as this
    may damage the CD."  The overlay is made of fairly thick
    transparent plastic and completely covers the disc from edge to
    center hole.

    After all the talk about how labels on CDs are bad, I find the
    3M method a bit disturbing.  Is anybody on the list using this?


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