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  • [ARSCLIST] TX ARSC, Kurt Nauck
  • [ARSCLIST] IPI receives grant for preservation of magnetic tape collections, David Seubert
  • [ARSCLIST] Edna St. Vincent Millay on WJZ, Don Share
  • [ARSCLIST] Capitol vs. Naxos, Frank Forman
  • [ARSCLIST] George Crumb book; Emma Lou Diemer and reminiscences, Paul T. Jackson
  • [ARSCLIST] cylinder records, Thomas Edison
  • [ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] CD differences, Lars Gaustad
  • [ARSCLIST] Long-term/preservation audio,
  • [ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] CD differences, Lars Gaustad
  • [ARSCLIST] CD differences,
  • [ARSCLIST] Is authenticity possible in the virtual world, Shelly Grant
  • [ARSCLIST] A propos Queen Victoria, Fred Lipsett
  • [ARSCLIST] film music recordings, kyle barnett
  • [ARSCLIST] Mitsui CDRS, Peoples, Curtis
  • [ARSCLIST] question re identification cdr manufacturers, Erik Dix
  • [ARSCLIST] Queen Victoria, Neal Lavon
  • [ARSCLIST] 2003 ARSC Awards Winners, David Seubert
  • [ARSCLIST] CD question, Steven Smolian
  • [ARSCLIST] Cassette player, Peoples, Curtis
  • [ARSCLIST] Standards and recommended practice, Richard Billeaud
  • [ARSCLIST] Obsolete audio cassette formats query, Sarah Stauderman
  • [ARSCLIST] Logical Defects, Jerome Hartke
  • [ARSCLIST] CD Testing, John Kelcher
  • [ARSCLIST] OT - Any list members in SPAIN or PORTUGAL?, Steve Ramm
  • [ARSCLIST] CD cleaning help, Esther Gillie
  • [ARSCLIST] Prof. Lawrence Lessig on automatic copyright renewal., Joel Bresler
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: [78-l] (Fwd) Naxos Wins LandmarkCase, George Brock-Nannestad
  • [ARSCLIST] newsletter deadline, David Seubert
  • [ARSCLIST] Can 1/4" 2 Track play on a 4 track machine, Watsky, Lance
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] mechanical recording, was [ARSCLIST] ELBERG MD12, George Brock-Nannestad
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] was Early English Columbia LPs, George Brock-Nannestad
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: [78-l] (Fwd) Naxos Wins LandmarkCaseAgainstCapitol/EMI, James L Wolf
  • [ARSCLIST] Naxos & Capitol again..., stevenc
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: [78-l] (Fwd) Naxos Wins Landmark CaseAgainstCapitol/EMI, James L Wolf
  • [ARSCLIST] Jeannette Rankin Audio, Neal Lavon
  • [ARSCLIST] DAT's, john loy
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: [78-l] (Fwd) Naxos Wins Landmark Case AgainstCapitol/EMI, James L Wolf
  • [ARSCLIST] Fw: [78-l] (Fwd) Naxos Wins Landmark Case Against Capitol/EMI, Steven Smolian
  • [ARSCLIST] Early English Columbia LPs, Otto Striebel
  • [ARSCLIST] Help finding Race Music Photo, Nelson-Strauss, Brenda
  • [ARSCLIST] ELBERG MD12, David S Sager
  • [ARSCLIST] Dewey Groom Transcription Discs, Andrew Brown
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Not at all off topic, Kurt Nauck
  • [ARSCLIST] FW: [ARSCLIST] ARSC Conference Thoughts and ARSC Award Winners, Paul T. Jackson
  • [ARSCLIST] Oral History Librarian vacancy in New Zealand, Linda Evans
  • [ARSCLIST] audio appraiser, Laura Botts
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] shellac and acidity, Kurt Nauck
  • [ARSCLIST] ARSC Conference Thoughts and ARSC Award Winners, Steve Ramm
  • [ARSCLIST] Software suggestions?, Brandon Burke
  • [ARSCLIST] erpaTraining Marburg - Metadata in Digital Preservation, Swiss Editor

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