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Re: [ARSCLIST] Capitol vs. Naxos

As for copying and sending out the DECISION, it should be a matter of public record, and therefore not a copyright infringement.

>>> fforman1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 06/27/03 10:24AM >>>
I got a copy of the decision, which I can share with anyone who would like
to read it. I am not sure whether it is legitimate to send it to this
list, though. I can also send. My thanks to Joel Bresler for point to the
Lessig article about his efforts. I have just e-mailed Lessig, telling him
that a $1 fee for renewal of copyright would simply mean that publishers
would routinely renew everything. I suggested $1000, to be bargained down
to $500 (or $500 bargained down to $250, whichever is more saleable).

These are exciting developments and I hope that list members who follow
them will keep us appraised.


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