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[ARSCLIST] ARSC Conference Thoughts and ARSC Award Winners

What an exhausting and fun Confeence. Being the one 78-L member closest to
the Conference, I'm the first one back on 78-L. A number of us were still
going at 1am this moning and and the others are wending their way home. What
a super conference with a wide range of fasicinating topics and well done
presentations. I'm sorry for those who missed it. If I had to choose what I
considered the top four highlights, at least for me, it woulds be - not in
ranking order - The 90 minutes with Joe Trasia and Dave Appel on Philly
recordings by everyone from Chubby Checker to the Soul Survivors to The
Sound of Philadelphia, Cary Ginnell's video bio/interview with Terry Gibbs,
David Sager's beautifully done tribute to his grandfather (violinist
comedian) Nat Brusiloff - with some super audio and video. (I'm hoping this
is tourned into a Journal article and jazz writer Francis Davis' commebts on
the eccentricities of the record collector. The ones I haven't listed were
no lower in quality and information. I just picked the ones that were
"special" to me.

The awards ceremony at the banquet was attended by most from the conference
and there were three winners present. I've annotated the nominees list and
noted the winners and the Certificate of Merit Winners as well. I'mmcopy
below though the bolds won't show. At the end you will see the "Special"

I'm sure there will be a formal press release coming but I wanted to let you
know the winners earlier.

Now I'll wait for reports for others who attended.

Steve Ramm

The following research, published in 2002, has been nominated: The winners
are noted below. There may be one winner or multiple winners (Tie) in each
category. Also Certificates of Merit are issued in cases where the
publication was not a winner but deserved special recognition.

Best Research in Recorded Popular Music

WINNER! - Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, by Mark Allan Powell
(Hendrickson Publishers)

Stardust Melody: the Life and Music of Hoagy Carmichael, by Richard M.
Sudhalter (Oxford University Press)

Stardust Melodies: the Biography of Twelve of America s Most Popular Songs,
by Will Friedwald (Pantheon Books)

Roadkill on the Three-Chord Highway: Art and Trash in American Popular
Music, by Colin Escott (Routledge)

Best Research in Recorded Folk or Ethnic Music

Lalo: My Life and Music, by Lalo Guerrero and Sherilyn Mentes (University of
Arizona Press)

WINNER! Reggae & Caribbean Music, by Dave Thompson (Backbeat Books)

Tejano Proud: Tex-Mex Music in the Twentieth Century, by Guadalupe San
Miguel, Jr. (Texas A & M University Press)

The City of Musical Memory: Salsa, Record Grooves, and Popular Culture in
Cali, Colombia, by Lise Waxer (Wesleyan University Press)

Harry Choates: Devil in the Bayou, by Andy Brown (notes to Bear Family CD

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - Sam Manning: the Complete Output, 1924-1930, vols. 1
& 2, by John Cowley and
Steve Shapiro (notes to Jazz Oracle CD set)

Best Research in Recorded Country Music

WINNER!(a tie) - Will You Miss Me When I m Gone?:the Carter Family and Their
Legacy in
American Music, by Mark Zwonitzer and Charles Hirshberg (Simon & Schuster)

WINNER ( a tie) Country Music Sources: A Biblio-Discography of Commercially
Traditional Music, by Guthrie T. Meade, Richard K. Spottswood, and Douglas
S. Meade (Southern Folklife Collection, University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill Libraries in Association with the John Edwards Memorial Forum)

Singing in the Saddle: the History of the Singing Cowboy, by Douglas B.
Green (Country Music Foundation Press and Vanderbilt University Press)

Blue Moon of Kentucky: Bill Monroe, 1936-1949, by Charles Wolfe (notes to
Bear Family CD set)

Best Research in Recorded Classical Music

The Extraordinary Operatic Adventures of Blanche Arral, by Blanche Arral;
trans. by Ira Glackens; ed. by William R. Moran (Amadeus Press)

The Composer-Pianists: Hamelin and The Eight, by Robert Rimm (Amadeus Press)

WINNER! (a tie) George Crumb: a Bio-Bibliography, by David Cohen (Greenwood

Vladimir de Pachmann: a Piano Virtuoso s Life and Art, by Mark Mitchell
(Indiana University Press)

Caruso Records: a History and Discography, by John Richard Bolig (Mainspring

WINNER! (a tie) Emanuel Feuermann, by Annette Morreau (Yale University

Best Research in Recorded Rock, Rhythm & Blues, or Soul

Jimi Hendrix and the Making of Are You Experienced, by Sean Egan (A

WINNER! (a tie) Every Sound There Is: the Beatles Revolver and the
Transformation of Rock
and Roll, by Russell Reising (Ashgate)

Rock n Roll and the Cleveland Connection, by Deanna R. Adams (Kent State
University Press)

Jethro Tull: A History of the Band, 1968-2001, by Scott Allen Nollen

WINNER! (a tie) Brown-Eyed Handsome Man: The Life of Chuck Berry, by Bruce
Pegg (Routledge)

The Hood Comes First: Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop, by Murray
Forman (Wesleyan University Press)

Best Research in Recorded Jazz

Gil Evans: Out of the Cool: His Life and Music, by Stephanie Stein Crease (A

Bill Evans: Everything Happens To Me A Musical Biography, by Keith Shadwick
(Backbeat Books)

WINNER! (a tie) Rat Race Blues: the Musical Life of Gigi Gryce, by Noal
Cohen and Michael
Fitzgerald (Berkeley Hills Books)

A Jazz Odyssey: the Life of Oscar Peterson, by Oscar Peterson; ed. by
Richard Palmer (Continuum)

Roy Eldridge, Little Jazz Giant, by John Chilton (Continuum)

Castles Made of Sound: the Story of Gil Evans, by Larry Hicock (Da Capo

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT Charlie Barnet: An Illustrated Biography and
Discography of the Swing Era
Big Band Leader, by Dan Mather (McFarland)

WINNER! (a tie) Something to Live For: the Music of Billy Strayhorn, by
Walter van de Leur
(Oxford University Press)

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT A Love Supreme: the Story of John Coltrane s Signature
Album, by Ashley Kahn

Latin Jazz: the Perfect Combination/La Combinacisn Perfecta, by Razl
Fernandez (Chronicle Books)

Best Research in Recorded Blues and Gospel Music

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT Can t be Satisfied: the Life and Times of Muddy Waters,
by Robert Gordon
(Little Brown)

WINNER! Blues with a Feeling: the Little Walter Story, by Tony Glover, Scott
and Ward Gaines (Routledge)

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT The Pilgrim Jubilees, by Alan Young (University Press
of Mississippi)

Best Research in General Discography and History of Recorded Sound

WIMNNER! Music Inspired By Art: A Guide to Recordings, by Gary Evans
(Scarecrow Press
and the Music Library Association)

Best Research in Record Labels or Manufacturers

Exploding: the Highs, Hits, Hype, Heroes, and Hustlers of the Warner Music
Group, by Stan Cornyn and Paul Scanlon (Harper Entertainment)

WINNER! Motown: Music, Money, Sex, and Power, by Gerald L. Posner (Random

The ARSC Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to RICHARKD K. (Dick)

And the new ARSC Award for Distinguished Service to Historical Recordings
was awarded to: DAVID HALL

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