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Re: [ARSCLIST] Not at all off topic

Can anyone help Tatiana? If so, please respond to her at

My name is Tatiana Irvine- I am a documentary audio producer. I am
searching for:

Dale Wimbrow (voice with Orch) April 20, 1928
Columbia W170304-1
The Good, Old Eastern Shore 113-P

I would truly appreciate it if you have any clues/advice/referrals- I have
searched many archives and come up with nothing. I am not sure how to
search other types of collections. I need it for a 2-hour audio documentary
I am producing about the Eastern Shore of Maryland for the Mid-Atlantic
Arts Foundation.

Many thanks!


Kurt & Diane Nauck

c/o Nauck's Vintage Records
22004 Sherrod Ln.
Spring, TX  77389

Website: www.78rpm.com
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