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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early English Columbia LPs

At 11:02 AM 6/10/2003 -0400, James L Wolf wrote:

    Can a cartridge wired this way produce a stereo signal reflecting
right and left groove walls? Or does any stereo cartridge rely on
vertical movement? Thanks.

No, a stylus wired to sum left and right channels as recommended will provide only a monaural signal. (That remains true even if both channels are driven.) It is a quick and easy solution to reducing vertical rumble and related faults but works as intended only if the two channels are perfectly balanced. In the real world with unbalanced channels, the result is as though a monaural cartridge is slightly skewed in its mounting.

All stereo cartridges rely on vertical and horizontal displacement to get
the separate channels.

Note that an important advantage of the suggested wiring is that vertical
rumble is greatly reduced. That can be important given that there is a lot
of subsonic signal on a typical monaural LP (to say nothing of a 78) and
that some preamps will not take kindly to it.

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