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[ARSCLIST] Software suggestions?

Hi all,

I am in the process of establishing a sound reformatting lab at the University
of Texas-Austin, Digital Library Services Division.  I have a pretty good idea
about hardware (tape machines, etc) but I'm curious to hear what sound editing
software most of you use.  As it stands now, were weighing our options.  Many in
the department are only luke warm on Pro Tools and have suggested Cubase.
Others I have talked to use Sound Forge but we're running Macs and as far as I
know SF is a PC program.  I'm getting the impression that in 2003 Pro Tools
isn't the industry standard it was two or three years ago.  Regardless, I'd
appreciate hearing what many of you think about the software you're
running--things you like as well as things you wish you'd done differently.

Thanks in advance,

Brandon Burke
Digital Library Services Division
University of Texas-Austin
Austin, TX 78713

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