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Re: [ARSCLIST] Wire cleaning

Molly Wheeler wrote:

> I am wondering what I should use to clean gunk left from masking tape on a
> wire recording.

Naphtha, usually sold in small cans as lighter fluid or larger cans as camp
stove fuel, will do the trick with most adhesive residue and without any
impact on the wire or the recorded content.  This is an excellent general
mild acting solvent that is usable on a wide variety of surfaces without
damaging them.

On any other artifacts, of course, ALWAYS test on a small unimportant portion

In some cases, if the residue is hard and dry you may need to use a more
active solvent like acetone, found at a hardware or paint store, also sold
as nail polish remover often with scent added.  Use this one with caution
as it will destroy most plastics and some other surfaces, although it is
fine with metals.

... Graham Newton

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