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Re: [ARSCLIST] Long-term/preservation audio

On 26/06/03, stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Finally, digital optical media such as CD's, DVD's and the like. These
> will be, if anything, even more inaccessible! It will take
> submicroscopic observation to see that there is anything which even
> MIGHT contain data (our neo-Indiana may set out to analyze the light
> patterns they reflect?)! Even if the existence of pits and non-pits is
> discovered, and the use of digital information deduced, the ones and
> zeros still have to be decoded by a sophisticated algorithm before any
> data can be accessed!

Actually light microscopy is sufficient to show the data on a CD. If you
don't demand real time playback, the data could be reconstructed with a
rigged up microscope and motor.

The archaeologist might have problems guessing what error-correction was
used, unless documents such as the Sony book survived.

Don Cox

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