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Re: [ARSCLIST] film music recordings


  The Library of Congress on-line catalogs (at www.loc.gov ) may help
you with at least some of your inquiries. Almost all of the Library's
78rpm album sets are catalogued in the main Library catalog. Also, many
promotional transcription discs are cataloged in the SONIC database. I'm
sure you'll find some of what you're looking for there.


>>> ksbarnett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 06/24/03 09:03PM >>>

ARSC list members,

My name is Kyle Barnett, a recently-minted member of ARSC.  I'm
currently doing some research on an essay about Hollywood producer
David Selznick's interest in promoting and merchandising "film music"
on record.  I'm not interested in the popular songs released in
relation to these movies, but the film score music used in the film.

My question: From 1939 to 1949,  which films featured releases
(either albums sold to the public or radio transcription discs)?
I've spent time researching in the Selznick archives here at the
Univ. of Texas, but finding information on these recordings is

Selznick famously asked William Paley to release an album of music
from _Gone with the Wind_ but Paley refused, saying there was no
public interest.  The music wouldn't see official release until many
years later....

Here's the information I have thus far.  I assume the earlier films
might or might not have had transcription discs, while the later
films might be more likely to have seen commercial sales releases.:

Intermezzo (1939) (?)
Gone with the Wind (1939) (?)
Rebecca  (1940) (transcription disc)
Since you Went Away (1944) (transcription disc)
I'll Be Seeing You (1944) (?)
Spellbound (1945) (ARA album -- 78 rpm discs)
Duel in the Sun (1946) (RCA Victor album -- 78 rpm discs)
The Paradine Case (1948) (Alco album -- 78 rpm discs)
Portrait of Jennie (1948) (?)
The Third Man (1949) (?)

If anyone can tell me whether transcription discs or
commercially-released albums were released for these other films, I'd
be very grateful.

This has also made me wonder how much scholarship has been done on
radio transcription discs.

Any info would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

Kyle Barnett
Dept. of Radio-Television-Film
the University of Texas at Austin

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