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Re: [ARSCLIST] Capitol vs. Naxos

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From: "Frank Forman" <fforman1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I got a copy of the decision, which I can share with anyone who would like
> to read it. I am not sure whether it is legitimate to send it to this
> list, though. I can also send. My thanks to Joel Bresler for point to the
> Lessig article about his efforts. I have just e-mailed Lessig, telling him
> that a $1 fee for renewal of copyright would simply mean that publishers
> would routinely renew everything. I suggested $1000, to be bargained down
> to $500 (or $500 bargained down to $250, whichever is more saleable).
> These are exciting developments and I hope that list members who follow
> them will keep us appraised.
There is another approach, which might be described as "use it or lose it."
The copyright on an item might be set to expire a given number of years
after the end of any ready availability of a copy for sale. This would be
particularly applicable to sound recordings, whose copyright owners can now
tell us "we won't issue it, and you CAN'T!" but might apply to other
(in the legal sense) as well...
Steven C. Barr

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