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Re: [ARSCLIST] audio appraiser

I have done this kind of work regularly since 1977 and have been on the
positive side in some high-profile cases.

In my experiece, if the collection will not appraise at $ 20-30,000, the
donor will come out further ahead by deducting $ 4.999 and not trigering the
$ 5,000 value at which a professional appraisal becomes necessary.  minum
If the donor's Schedule A, which is usually the only place where the
appraser's fee is deductible, does not meet the 2% of income overall
qualification, the requisite value of the entire collection should be on the
higher side.

Shopuld the fee be lower than mine, the threshold would be reduced
appropraiately.  It usually takes a few minutes with a spreadsheet to figure
this out.

Steve Smolian

Steven Smolian    301-694-5134
Smolian Sound Studios
CDs made from old recordings,
Five or one or lifetime hoardings,
Made at home or concert hall,
Text and pics explain it all.
at www.soundsaver.com
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From: "Laura Botts" <liblmb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 2:52 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] audio appraiser

We have a radio broadcaster who is interested in having a collection of
materials (reel to reel tapes, CDs, and MDs) appraised. If anyone can help
(or can refer me to someone else), please let me know.


Laura Botts
Popular Music Archivist
Georgia State University

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