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Here's the website with  the specs - from the booklet, I'd assume.
What do these babies cost, anyway?
Malcolm R


Parker Dinkins wrote:

> on 6/6/03 1:56 PM, David S Sager at dsag@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > Has anyone out there had experience with the ELBERG MD12 Multicurve Disc
> > preamp?  If so, any comments?
> David -
> It has excellent build quality, balanced outputs, and does just what we want
> it to do. We used an Owl in the past and sold it shortly after the Elberg
> arrived.
> The Elberg's flat eq position is helpful to us since we can go into CEDAR
> flat and then eq after that point. It makes the CEDAR boxes more effective.
> Jørgen Vad (who visited me recently) and B. Elberg are both very responsive
> to customers.
> Later. Parker

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