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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD question

At 09:26 AM 6/20/2003 -0400, Steven Smolian wrote:
I make my CDs at 2 or 4x. I note those presently aalable go up 56x or so.

Is there any reason these won't perform well when recorded more slowly?  I
can't imagine why they wouldn't but better safe...

There is every reason to believe that they will not perform well. The quality of a burn depends on the writer, medium and speed being near optimum. Modern drives and media are optimized for high speed, typically 16-20x for a writer designated 20x or above. It is extremely difficult to find media which write well below 4x in any drive. Note that many modern drives offer a minimum write speed of 2x or even 4x - the capability to write at 1x is more and more limited to standalone recorders.

Fortunately, the best modern writers work quite well at 12x, yielding error
rates as low as we achieved at 1x and 2x a few years ago. Above 12x,
quality drops off but not so rapidly that it will be serious and certainly
not to the level one would find at 4x or below.

There is extensive discussion of media and speeds at Media Sciences:

Mike mrichter@xxxxxxx http://www.mrichter.com/

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