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Re: [ARSCLIST] Long-term/preservation audio

Are you counting on metadata to tell you which color book standard and which
variation was used to make a specific disc?

Will playback machines of the future allow sufficient adjustment of their
digital innards to play these back with these potentional alterations?

How many noise reduction systems were used for analog audiotape?

Steve Smolian

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From: "Mike Richter" <mrichter@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 10:50 AM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Long-term/preservation audio

> At 07:38 AM 6/26/2003 -0700, Jerome Hartke wrote:
> >Although the Red Book CD-DA has two levels of error correction using a
> >cross-interleave Reed-Solomon code, an additional safeguard against
> >degradation is available using CD-ROM Mode 1. This format adds a
> >powerful, third level of error correction using a Reed-Solomon product
> >code. (This third level is not available in CD-ROM Mode 2.)
> >
> >Although use of Mode 1 requires conversion of audio to WAV or other
> >formats in order to obtain files, the additional effort should be
> >mandatory for archival purposes. In addition, use ISO 9660 Level 1
> >volume and file structure, and disc-at-once recording. These options
> >should be selectable in any professional grade recording software
> >programs.
> >
> >Of course, media and recording drive quality are also very important.
> I agree completely on the need to archive as data and to take advantage of
> the extra level of error correction, but note that that is also available
> in Mode 2 Form 1. I know of no reason to prefer that to Mode 1, but it is
> available and does provide the additional protection.
> Mike
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