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Re: [ARSCLIST] Queen Victoria

Neal Lavon writes:

> Queen Victoria died in 1901. Is there any evidence that she ever made a
> voice recording?

Having attended the ARSC/IASA conference in London in 2001, I have here the
book produced for the occasion (Linehan, ed., *Aural History: Essays on
Recorded Sound*, The British Library, 2001.)  Peter Copeland (who was on
this list, last I knew) contributed a chapter on "Forensic evidence in
historical sound-recordings" which discusses the cylinder purported to be a
recording of the voice of Queen Victoria.  In brief, the Graphophone was
demonstrated for her in 1888, and the provenance of the cylinder now held by
the Science Museum in London points to its authenticity, but it has not been
possible to recover anything intelligible from the cylinder.


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