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[ARSCLIST] Help finding Race Music Photo

Posting for a fellow librarian- 


One of his patrons is looking for what she describes as a "Civil Rights Era photograph by SNCC photographer Bob Fletcher- the photo apparently shows someone protesting rock music and is holding up a flyer that says "Don't Let Your Children Listen to Race Music."


We have in our collection an 8 x 10 circular with the following heading: "Notice! /Stop/Help Save the Youth of America/Don't Buy Negro Records . . . .  The circular was distributed by the Citizens' Council of Greater New Orleans and there is no image, so I don’t think this is exactly what the patron is looking for. 


If anyone knows the whereabouts of this photo (possibly published in a book?) please let me know. 





Brenda Nelson-Strauss

Head of Collections

Indiana University

Archives of African American Music & Culture

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2805 E. 10th Street

Bloomington, IN 47408


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