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[ARSCLIST] Hold-down tape for reel-to-reel

I hope this is a false alarm, but- I just spoke with Quantegy and was
informed they are considering discontinuing making hold-down-tape for
reel-to-reel tapes.

The industry standard used to be "zebra" tape made by 3M.  When 3M got out
of the recording tape business, they stopped making zebra tape and Quantegy
started making a green colored replacement.  My contact at Quantegy
indicated that the manufacturer of the green tape has discontinued
production and Quantegy now has a new hold-down tape that is colored white.
They are sending me a sample of the new tape.

At this point, Quantegy only has samples of this new tape but they haven't
received any orders.  According to my contact, since manufacture of this
product is outsourced, if they don't get any orders for the tape, they are
likely to stop offering it.

I know lots of Archives and collectors still have reel-to-reel tapes (say,
conservatively, in the millions of reels).  If Quantegy stops offering the
removable, non-residue producing hold-down tape, is there an alternate

Peter Brothers

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