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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD cleaning help

Esther Gillie wrote:
> Dear Collective Wisdom;
> We just discovered a CD set in our library that has some sort of white film
> on the play side of the disk.  I thought at first it was some sort of mold,
> and the usual cleaning procedures (water, soft rag, mild detergent) do
> clean off the worst of it, but not all of it.  It doesn't seem to have
> eaten into the plastic. I have more experience dealing with instantaneous
> disks or reel to reel tape. Is this a common thing, and what do you
> recommend? Thank you for your assistance.
> Esther Gillie

Surface cleaning with some alcohols or other solvents can result in a
white surface film or actual damage.

A film that is visible to the human eye may not affect the infrared
laser beam. If it is still playable, then make a copy at once. Do not
attempt to clean the disc in any way.

Media Sciences, Inc.

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