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Re: [ARSCLIST] Software suggestions?

Cedar, Sonic Solutions No Noise, Diamond Cut 5, and Algorithmix are all
sources of noise reduction.

HOWEVER, I strongly suggest bringing the oral history tapes across to the
new medium with as flat a transfer as possible.

None of these, and I've only heard two of the four in detail, is
transparent and all of them can be way over done.

It is safe to assume that noise reduction will get better over time.
Starting with the original noise later will be easier than removing the
artifacts left by today's noise reduction.

Personally, I use Samplitude ( http://www.samplitude.com ) and may some day
move to Sequoia for the 4-point editing and the ability to use Algorithmix

Diamond Cut DC5 is a stand-alone program that I also run.

I had someone, in my opinion, abuse Cedar during the remastering of one of
my original recordings for CD release to bring it up to "today's standards
for background noise." The noise was from the *&%# pipe organ NOT the
recording chain--it was 15 in/s Dolby A with two mics, no mixer.



At 01:18 PM 6/2/2003 -0500, Brandon wrote in part:

  With that im mind, I'm looking for some nice noise
reduction plug-ins and don't really need much else, though we would like to be
prepared to transfer music as well.

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