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Re: [ARSCLIST] Long-term/preservation audio

prabhupada.com wrote:
> Dear list,
> I'm sure this topic has been talked (flogged) about before...however
> I'm relatively new to the list so go ahead and hit the delete button!
> My question is...Which audio formats are being used for Long
> term/preservation/archival. And which is the most
> desirable/recommended?
> I have seen from reel to reel 1/4 tape to CDR, DVD, vinyl, MP3, DAT,
> etc
> I would like to know your expert thoughts and why?
> I thank you all for your time in this regard
> Paul Tombleson
> Director of Preservation
> Bhaktivedanta Archives

I am not familiar with all formats, but CD-R, DVD, and DAT haved the
advantage of strong error correction algorithms built into the formats
provided that information is recorded as files. CD-R and DVD are also
desirable because the drive head is not in contact with the media during

J. Hartke
Media Sciences, Inc.

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