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Re: [ARSCLIST] Queen Victoria

Further to my last posting on the alleged recording of Queen Victoria in
1888, the following book about the cylinder is still available:

By Paul Tritton. The search for the 1st
Royal recording. Hardback - a snip at the price
CAT No BD 34 Price £3.00

From: The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society (CLPGS)

This is their home page: http://www.clpgs.org.uk/

Forgive me if this message is construed as a commercial advert.  It is,
technically, but at the same time CLPGS is not a commercial organisation!

Nigel Bewley
British Library Sound Archive


Now exhibiting at the British Library Galleries: 

Painted Labyrinth : the world of the Lindisfarne Gospels 

Until 28 September 2003.  Admission Free. 


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