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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early English Columbia LPs

On 11/06/03, James L Wolf wrote:
> Don,
>   I gather from Michael's post that this digital fix won't remove the
> vertically read surface noise picked up by the stereo wired cartridge.
>   I'm curious about what the professional remastering people on the
> list do when faced with early mono-LPs and 78s. Transferring stereo
> seems to offer better impulse noise reduction possibilities, while
> tranferring with a cartridge wired for lateral-only, and thus mono
> only, reduces surface noise. What pros and cons go into deciding which
> cartridge to use?

Mixing the two channels gives a 40% reduction in noise.

Cedar and similar software can remove individual clicks completely. I
would think that it would be easier to detect the clicks if they were
_not_ reduced by mixing the channels.

The logical strategy, to me, would be to first declick the two channels,
and then mix them.

But for listening to 78 rpm originals, I normally just listen straight, noise
and all. The brain can concentrate on the music so long as the speakers
have a good transient response.

For an archive, it seems sensible to store a stereo signal, unprocessed,
as well as any kind of processed version you might make, because we can
be sure that software will improve in the future.

Don Cox

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