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  • Re: arsclist A to D Transfer Advice Please, Doug Pomeroy
  • arsclist VHS and S-VHS Tapes, Copeland, Peter
  • arsclist Please Ignore - mail test, Graeme Jaye
  • arsclist Fwd: Non-member submission from ["Divine Art Sales" <>], Esther Gillie
  • arsclist Fwd: FW: Mercredis du Dipartement de l'Audiovisuel, Jim Farrington
  • arsclist CD Tests, Jerome Hartke
  • arsclist Fwd:submission from ["Michel Fingerhut" <>], Esther Gillie
  • arsclist Fwd: submission from [Graeme Jaye <>], Esther Gillie
  • arsclist Details of Herbert Ridout's articles, Copeland, Peter
  • arsclist Turntables, Gerard Kleist
  • arsclist Dermot McCaul/SLS/SLV/AU is out of the office., DMcCaul
  • arsclist A Concern: Ampex 611 tape, Richard L. Hess
  • arsclist NEW EMAIL ADD., JOHN HALL
  • arsclist Curtiss Grove, James E. Baldwin
  • arsclist ARSC Conference and Membership Directory., Stevramm
  • arsclist Cylinder Digitization Pilot Project, David Seubert
  • arsclist Away, Esther Gillie
  • arsclist Edison Doll Speaks on HIS birthday, Stevramm
  • arsclist ARSClist archives, David Seubert
  • arsclist Fwd: Non-member submission from [], Esther Gillie
  • Fw: arsclist Magnetic Tape Preservation, joe@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • arsclist Fwd: from [Graeme Jaye <>], Esther Gillie

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