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Re: arsclist Turntables

Gerard Kleist
Preservation Services
National Archives of Australia
Locked Bag 4,  120 Miller Road
Chester Hill NSW 2162
Telephone: 02 9645 0144
<gerardk@xxxxxxxxxx> said to the ARSCList...

> Can ayone recommend a good turntable?? The only decent ones I can find are
> the Stanton STR8-60, and the Technics SL-1200MK2. 

Look for a Technics SP-15.  It is probably one of the best for transfer
purposes.  It is three speeds, has .1% incremental pitch adjustment over 
a +/- 9.9% range, and when equipped with an SME-3012-R arm, appropriate 
cartridge and selection of styli, I would put it up against ANYTHING else.

You do not need the Audio-Phool high end equipment or cartridges... they are
only designed to separate the gullible from their money!  You don't need a
laser turntable either... any owner of one will tell you why... the problems

... won't track a warped record
... won't read anything other than a solid black disc
... repairs require it being returned to the manufacturer
... and many other fiddley issues, making it generally more painful
    than useful.

... Graham Newton

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