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arsclist Fwd: submission from [Graeme Jaye <GRJAYE@terra.es>]

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:25:37 +0100
From: Graeme Jaye <GRJAYE@xxxxxxxx>
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To: Gerard Kleist <ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi Gerard

Gerard> Hi

Gerard> Can ayone recommend a good turntable?? The only decent ones I can find are
Gerard> the Stanton STR8-60, and the Technics SL-1200MK2. Any advice would be a
Gerard> great help.

Here's a few more for you http://www.needledoctor.com/showcat.cfm?catnum=1&parentcatnum=22

Rather depends what you need it for, I suppose.  However, I'd
personally give the ELP a miss, as it really is only any good at
playing records in pristine condition (and it's a *very* expensive
machine, as well).

Graeme Jaye


Audio Restoration and CD Repair

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