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Re: arsclist Cylinder Digitization Pilot Project

On 12-Feb-02, David Seubert wrote:
> Sixty of the wax cylinder recordings in the UCSB Library Special
> Collections Department from 1896-1920 were digitized as a pilot
> project by Noah Pollaczek, an intern from Oberlin College. The webpage
> describing the project with links to the streaming and downloadable
> audio files is at:
> http://www.library.ucsb.edu/speccoll/pa/cylinders.html

The MP3 files download and play well on the AmigaOS platform, so you
have a useful cross-platform format there.

IMO your archive WAVs should be recorded at the highest sample rate you
can manage, as this will give the best opportunity for any future use of
Cedar or similar software to recognise and remove clicks.

High resolution WAVs could also be used by people who are currently
restoring early jazz and other recordings for CD reissue, such as John
RT Davies, who restored the material on the "Ragtime to Jazz" series on
the Timeless label.

I think this is a very worth while project. 

Don Cox

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