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Re: arsclist Turntables

Dear All,

just to balance the negative statements of Graham Newton and Joe 
Salerno, a short series of postive statements on the ELP Laser 
Turntable (www.elpj.com):

 - you do not need to clean an unidentified record before playing it - 
there is no wear on record and stylus when using the LT. The 
sound will be full of clicks, but fully recognizable and free of 
distortion as long as the groove is not filled with gunk

 - you have all speeds from 30 rpm to 90 with digital readout

 - if you only have vinyl (33 and 45), then the cheapest version (still 
expensive!) will do admirably

 - very precise repeat of a single groove - no other turntable except 
old broadcast turntables had this facility, and it wore the groove

 - you may adjust the vertical level of tracking the groove 
(corresponding to changing the width of an elliptical stylus) by push-
button while listening and so obtain the least worn parts of the 
groove anywhere on the record

 - and again: if you have an absolutely clean groove, then the signal 
has a transparency and presence that can't be beaten. A mass-
less stylus makes a lot of math very easy.

Graham Newton's and Joe Salerno's lists of problems:

> ... won't track a warped record
> ... won't read anything other than a solid black disc
> ... repairs require it being returned to the manufacturer
> ... and many other fiddley issues, making it generally more painful
>     than useful.  (GN)
Cannot center an off center record
Cannot play a record wet
I am not aware of a 16" model, should you need this capability  (JS)

I can add: will not play metal parts, will not easily play lacquers, 
will not play a groove not generated by a stylus that has some 
straight line portion (i.e. it excludes Edisons and Pathés, not for 
the hill-and-dale, because that works admirably per se, but 
because these companies used a circular (elliptical) cutting face).

So, Shiffy's question is really most to the point!

Kind regards,

George Brock-Nannestad
Preservation Tactics

> Gerard Kleist
> Preservation Services
> National Archives of Australia
> Locked Bag 4,  120 Miller Road
> Chester Hill NSW 2162
> Telephone: 02 9645 0144
> <gerardk@xxxxxxxxxx> 

originally wanted the information.
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