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Re: arsclist VHS and S-VHS Tapes

At 12:39 AM 2/28/2002 -0600, Brian Levy wrote:
Dear Peter,

What about the possibility, as suggested to me by someone working at one of the places I purchase blank CD-R media for our Indian language preservation projects here in Oklahoma, of using S-VHS to store analog back-ups to all our CD-R's in our archive, just in case the digital strategy fails? Since quarter inch reel is expensive, especially for a smaller archive with little funding, like ours, might'nt this be a smart choice?

The idea is sound, but you should be aware that VHS HiFi uses a compression technique derived from dbX. The result is usually not significant in low-fidelity applications or where compression is already used (as in broadcast), but it will disturb purists.


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