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Re: arsclist slaying the Dragon

At 09:24 AM 02/28/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Nakamichi having rendered this splendid creature extinct, assures services &
parts for how many more years?  I think that's a very important factor in
making a committment to a piece of gear.  If too esoteric for any of we
tinkerers to be able to properly align & or repair it without their support,
then as good as it is when working correctly, might be an ill-advised

I'm in the middle of seeing how long parts will take, but the West Coast Factory Service Depot is wonderful and the first Dragon I bought had just been brought back to full spec by them before the seller put it up on eBay ($800 buy it now)

The second one should have been sent back to the Service Depot before going on eBay and the seller and I have a bit of a disagreement over what "excellent working condition" means. While the bill from the Service Depot included with the first Dragon was $300 (included in the $800 sales price), I just authorized $480 worth of repairs on the second Dragon--it needed a new play head, but I paid $710 for it (in part because a dealer stated that it was...nevermind).

I have stuggled with the same decision that Art made and he and I came down on different sides of it. It is a very tough decision and the Tascam 122 MK III is a very tempting and excellent machine.

Art, could you please describe how playback azimuth is adjusted on the MKIII and is it totally independent of record azimuth?

It's actaully wintery here in NYC this morning: 26 degrees & I'm not used to

It's about time there was some winter--it was 77 degrees here yesterday in LA!



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