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Re: arsclist A to D Transfer Advice Please

Hi Cameron

>> Cameron Kissel wrote:

>> Myself and a good friend of mine are looking to begin transferring
>> a very large collection of field recordings from a number of source
>> tapes.

As mentioned by Joe Salerno, you need to pay especial attention to the
line-up of the cassette players, particularly with respect to azimuth
adjustment.  Since the tapes were recorded (presumably) on different
machines, you will probably find they are all different in azimuth.
Speed problems can be compensated for at a later stage, if necessary.

>> What's the best way to go about digitizing this collection? Would a
>> simple cassette to wav to CDR work? Are there other steps that
>> anyone would recommend to bring back or bring out what's on the
>> tape? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Carroll wrote

Jeff> Noise reduction is a two-part process: encode/decode.  Proper
Jeff> decoding of any noise reduction proces will be essential to
Jeff> achieving the best possible quality.

Which is absolutely correct, as far as the tapes themselves are
concerned.  You will need replay machines which have the necessary
decoding on them.  Dolby B will present no problems, but there are not
so many DBX capable models around these days.

However, there is a lot of software around which, once the transfer
into digital has been accomplished, is capable of excellent
single-ended noise reduction and I would suggest you look into this
aspect as well.

How much you want to spend on this, I don't know, but I suggest you
start looking at products like CoolEdit (and CoolEdit Pro) from
Syntrillium, DA32 from Diamond Art and Pristine Sounds 2000 from Alien

These are relatively low-end, low-cost, but effective applications. If
you want to spend more, there is a much bigger list :-).

Graeme Jaye


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