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arsclist Cylinder Digitization Pilot Project

Sixty of the wax cylinder recordings in the UCSB Library Special Collections Department from 1896-1920 were digitized as a pilot project by Noah Pollaczek, an intern from Oberlin College. The webpage describing the project with links to the streaming and downloadable audio files is at: http://www.library.ucsb.edu/speccoll/pa/cylinders.html

Additionally, these cylinders have all been cataloged in our online catalog, Pegasus: http://pegasus.library.ucsb.edu:82/ALEPH Links from the catalog records to the audio files have been included in all of the catalog records.

I had originally intended to post samples of our test files for audio compression to the ARSClist a couple of weeks ago. Instead, we have made these test files a part of the project web page and they can be found under "Technical Details." We ended up using mp3 compression for both streaming and downloadable audio formats. We found it to be superior to other compression codecs with similar file sizes, many of which could not handle the noise in the original source without introducing significant artifacts.

When funding becomes available, we intend to transfer and digitze the remainder of our collection. Since this is a pilot project, your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

David Seubert, Curator
Performing Arts Collection
Davidson Library Special Collections
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA  93106
(805) 893-5444 Fax (805) 893-5749

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