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Re: arsclist A to D Transfer Advice Please

At 12:38 PM 02/28/2002 +0000, you wrote:
> While I am not doubting that the Tascam 122 MKIII is a superb machine,
> it lacks the automagic play azimuth feature [of the Dragon].

It does indeed, and so do the current Nakamichi decks.

I was assuming the enquirer would want a current model, rather than a
reconditioned machine.

That is the horrid problem we're in at the moment and supports my thesis that now is better than later to do the best PLAYBACK of tapes.

We're on an odd course as technology improves on the digital side we are losing the technology to play the analog side. To the best of my knowledge there is only ONE current premium reel machine that I would recommend for playback, and that's the Otari MTR-15. Since we have someone from Otari on the list, I will refrain from mentioning a price as I'm sure to get it wrong <smile>.

The good news is that many classic, wonderful machines ARE available...as are Dragons...on eBay.

It's odd that while we CAN make competent playback decks, they certainly aren't hobby projects. It is a REAL SHAME that no other cassette deck with the automatic playback azimuth function has ever been produced. But if the Dragon was selling for $2500-3000 10-15 years ago, what would it sell for new today?

I wonder if Nakamichi would consider a playback-only version of the Dragon? Would Otari consider licensing the auto-azimuth for their playback deck that they sell with their digitization system? Interesting thoughts.

With Dragons going for $1100-1200 including complete, back-to-factory-specs refurbishment (there are risks, of course) I think they're a good deal. If you get one on eBay for $700 let's say and then send it off for the average $300 rebuild and you put $150 of shipping and insurance on the whole thing, that plunks you in the middle of the range.

The refurbished Dragon should be good for let's say, on average 2500 hours before a $500 rebuild. That brings the operating costs under 50 cents per hour.

Anyway, there probably aren't enough Dragons on eBay for everyone, although there have been close to ten in the last two months.



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