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Re: arsclist VHS and S-VHS Tapes

Dear Peter,

What about the possibility, as suggested to me by someone working at one of the places I purchase blank CD-R media for our Indian language preservation projects here in Oklahoma, of using S-VHS to store analog back-ups to all our CD-R's in our archive, just in case the digital strategy fails? Since quarter inch reel is expensive, especially for a smaller archive with little funding, like ours, might'nt this be a smart choice?

Thanks for your posting,

Brian Levy

At 06:40 PM 2/27/2002 +0000, you wrote:
Dear All,
    My apologies for being late entering this discussion, I was on "summer
holiday" (last week and the week before!). I should like to contribute
something from the *audio* point of view.
    For the purposes of long-term preservation of the audio accompanying
both VHS and S-VHS tapes, we "clone" onto blank S-VHS tapes.

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