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arsclist ARSC Conference and Membership Directory.

In just 85 days the ARSC Conference in Santa Barbara will begin. I wanted to 
give you folks a few "heads up". 

First, if you are in the area of Southern California and want to help with 
local publicity -I know some of you have media connections - you might want 
to contact David Seubert, the Local arrangements person at: 

Next, if you aren't an ARSC member now is the time to join. There will be a 
membership directory published and you will be in it if you join and get 
your member profile in by March 8th. And the discount for the Conference 
registration is usually about half the year's dues. So this year, it's 
important to join and pay dues early! 

If you are still considering coming to the conference and joining later 
(Missing inclusion in the biannual Directory) and want a conference 
registration packet sent when they are ready at end of February, send David 
an email with your snail-mail  address. There is an early registration 

If you are not on the west coast but planning to go, start looking at air 
fares soon. I'm using a FT miles ticket and found that I have to leave 
at 6:30 am because most flights into LA are blocked for FT tix. (and from 
East Coast, LA is the main route into Santa Barbara  So this is an alert. 

More info on the ARSC web site at www.arsc-audio.org 

Think of the Conference as "ARSClist Live!"

Steve Ramm
ARSC Treasurer
For subscription instructions, see the ARSC home page
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