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arsclist A to D Transfer Advice Please

Hello to all,

First, being somewhat of a novice to serious audio restoration, I'd like to
say how much I've already learned from the contributors to this list. Thanks

Here's my question:
Myself and a good friend of mine are looking to begin transferring a very
large collection of field recordings from a number of source tapes. The
tapes are almost exclusively cassette masters some with Dolby B, some dbx
and others are without any noise reduction. The vast majority were recorded
on Maxell and TDK chrome and metal tapes from the early 1980's through the
mid 1990's. All of the masters were recorded in an environment with a strong
signal to noise ratio (mostly rock concerts and shows with sound
reinforcement) and as such, those without noise reduction are overall very

What's the best way to go about digitizing this collection? Would a simple
cassette to wav to CDR work? Are there other steps that anyone would
recommend to bring back or bring out what's on the tape? Any and all help
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,
Cameron Kissel

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