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  • RE: arsclist Change of E-Mail address, Copeland, Peter
  • Trade Cooperation in Gateway to chinese Building Material market 20010530 Time:15:07:06, jim_chen
  • Change of E-Mail address, Gerald D Gibson
  • Notice forwarded from Peter Shambarger, Esther Gillie
  • Emil-Berliner-Studios, Matthias Spindler
  • position available for A/V archivist, 2nd posting, Holly Robertson
  • Fw: Affect Update on UCITA May, 23 2001, Paul T. Jackson
  • Long-Term CD Protection, Steve Weiss
  • Re: arsclist query on reformatting media, Michael Ridderbusch
  • query on reformatting media, Seubert
  • Re: arsclist Wranitzky's Oberon, svelez
  • CD-R compatibility with various CD burners, Brian Levy
  • Wranitzky's Oberon, Dr. Steven Jan
  • Tower Records, etc., Steven Smolian
  • Fwd: BOUNCE Message too long (>40000 chars), Esther Gillie
  • Inquiry: know-how about digital preservation archiving, Richard L. Hess
  • creating sticky shed deterioration, Sarah Stauderman
  • Fwd: BOUNCE, Esther Gillie
  • Sticky Shed Syndrome, etc., Steve Green
  • Re: arsclist Pellon and thoughts on baking/Philosophy, Richard L. Hess
  • Re: arsclist Pellon and thoughts on baking, Sarah Stauderman
  • IPS speed, peverett
  • Re: Fwd: BOUNCE Non-member, harry_rice
  • Fwd: BOUNCE Non-member submission from ["Richard L. Hess" <>], Esther Gillie
  • Re: arsclist sticky shed, acosentini
  • Fwd: The lost recordings of Mercedes Carné and Carlos Di Sarli, Richard L. Hess
  • Reels with Slotless Hubs, Steve Green
  • Re: arsclist Slotless Reels continued, Doug Pomeroy
  • Re: arsclist Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 16:00:36 -0400, Doug Pomeroy
  • Slotless Reels continued, Steve Green
  • Slotless Reels / Polyline URL, Steve Green
  • Slotless Reels, Steve Green
  • Sources for Slotless Reels and Plastic Boxes, Jennifer A. Cutting
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Online Catalog, Nelson-Strauss, Brenda
  • [no subject], Art Shifrin
  • Fwd: Recording Archivist question., Esther Gillie

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